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Conti Secur



WT 7984 E 10.12

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Conti Secur



The one-component adhesive based on polychloroprene.

Rubber-to-rubber adhesion

1. Preparation of the cold bonding

1.1 Clean the surface of the rubber using cleansing agent (CCS).

Allow the cleaning agent to evaporate off for at least 10 minutes

at room temperature.

1.2 Roughen the surface of the rubber using a grinder.


Minimum speed: 800 U/Min.

Maximum speed: 2000 U/Min.

Remove the grinding dust dry.

2. Bonding

2.1 The surfaces or materials that are to be glued should preferably be at room temperature.

If the temperature is too low, we recommend warming up the surfaces/materials.

2.2 First application of Conti Secur


PREMIUM onto the gluing surfaces

Using a brush with short bristles, apply one thin coat of Conti Secur



to the prepared rubber surfaces.

Drying time:

At least 30 minutes at room temperature


At room temperature the maximum drying time

should not exceed 12 hours.

2.3 Second application of Conti Secur


PREMIUM to the gluing surfaces

Drying time:

Maximum of 10 minutes at room temperature (test with back of hand).


A third application of adhesive may be required if the surface is particularly rough.

The drying time for the second application is then also at least 30 minutes.

2.4 Put the surfaces to be glued together. Press on the surfaces from the inside outwards,

e.g. using a hand-held roller. The required contact pressure depends on the properties

of the surfaces.


Brief contact pressure is sufficient. Optimum adhesion strength

is attained after approx. 24 hours.