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Coal Quest Conveyor Belt

Coal Quest belts provides superior mechanical fastener holding strength, unbeatable vulcanized splice capabilities, a high degree of flexibility, and great impact, tear and rip resistance

See the difference with the Coal Quest Conveyor Belt

Coal Quest Conveyor Belt
Flame Resistance Underground coal belts require additional flame resistance and flame propagation cover properties. Our SHIELD ™ compound exceeds MSHA’s part 14, B.E.L.T. flame resistance and flame propagation requirements while also providing low smoke toxicity and density safety characteristics as well as outstanding abrasion resistance. We also offer standard ARMA compound for ASTM D378 Part 13.2 flame resistance and ARMA II where superior abrasion resistance is required. See the compounds section on page 82 for available compounds. Impact Resistance Goodyear Engineered Products underground belts come well prepared to withstand the worst. That’s because loading impact damage, a major cause of belt failure, is already assessed and predicted at our Technical Center laboratory. During the design phase, our design engineers utilize an enhanced Dynamic Impact Tester to accurately simulate loading impact force and its effects on belting. It is information like this that contributed to the design of our Triple-Warp™ fabric weave. Tear Resistance A misaligned belt can suffer edge tears by running into the structure. Tears can also occur as a result of material punctures. Thanks to the extremely high transverse tear strength of Coal Quest belts, these occurrences are minimized and contained. Rip Resistance Scrap metal and other debris can penetrate and greatly damage a belt. If these foreign objects get hung up in the structure, it can lead to equipment damage, material spillage and even slits or cuts in long sections of the belt. The Triple-Warp fabric design of Coal Quest belting helps dislodge and expel foreign objects and contain rips to a small area. Fastener Retention The mechanical fastener splices of Coal Quest belts are rated at 100% of the rated working tension. At our world-class Technical Center, these splices have undergone rigorous dynamic and static testing, which enables the belt to offer superior mechanical fastener retention vs. multi-ply and straight-warp constructions. Vulcanized Finger Splice A finger over finger vulcanized splice is recommended for Goodyear Engineered Products Coal Quest belting. This splice method takes advantage of the supior strength properties of the Coal Quest carcass to offer 100% of the rated belt tension

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