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Xtra Grip Conveyor Belt

Xtra-Grip ™ conveyor belting provides increased material transfer inclines of five degrees or more due to its 1/4" high Chevron ribbed pattern versus conventional smooth belting

See the difference with the Xtra Grip Conveyor Belt

Xtra Grip Conveyor Belt
Load gripping rib pattern The ribs of Xtra-Grip belting are 1/4" high chevrons that increase the permissible angle of incline by 5 degrees or more. Xtra-Grip works especially well with materials that have a high water content where slipping of the load on the belt might otherwise occur. The staggered Chevron design, molded into the top cover, can be run in either direction. Excellent fastener holding retention High strength fill cords enhance mechanical fastener holding ability and resist fastener pull-out for more reliable performance and increased uptime. Excellent rip, tear and impact resistance Specially designed crimped warp cords straighten on impact and then recover their original shape. This enables the fabric to absorb greater impact loads and resist tearing for long-lasting durability and a lower cost-per-ton conveyed. High ultimate strength Xtra-Grip belts withstand severe tension spikes at start-up, retain mechanical fasteners and withstand continuous flexing around pulleys. This higher ultimate strength makes a critical difference in abusive operating conditions. Reduced stretch The combination of fabric design and dip process provides lower elasticity and permanent elongation on all specifications. This minimizes take-up concerns and reduces the number of splices at break-in. Contact your local GTM to calculate permanent and elastic elongation requirements for your specific systems. Standard bias step splices A quick and effective technique, step splices greatly reduce downtime and are recognized throughout the industry as the standard. The vulcanized splice in Xtra-Grip retains 100% of belt tension rating during running conditions. Variety of cover compounds Protect your product with the proper compound and cover gauge for the application. Xtra-Grip conveyor belting can be customized to fit your application

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